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    Terebellum II S707 Titanium frame featuring a matte black coating and complemented by gradient blue lenses
    SATO Terebellum collection : Terebellum II S707, with titanium mat black coating
    r Titanium frame in matte black, perfectly paired with gradient dark blue lenses. SATO - Terebellum collection
    Terebellum II S707, a square rimless design in matte black, enhanced by stunning gradient blue lenses.

Terebellum II S707

Terebellum II S707


Welcome to the Terebellum II Collection, where standing out is not just encouraged, but celebrated. Each pair of Terebellum II glasses is a work of art, meticulously handcrafted with precision and passion. The skilled artisans of Japan infuse their expertise into every detail, resulting in a collection that epitomizes excellence and attention to detail.


Titanium frame, mat black coating.
W/ Gradient dark blue lens.
21 x 145 x 48

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