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    Terebellum II S703, featuring yellow gold and platinum accents, a rounded hexagonal rimless design, and gradient blue lenses.
    Terebellum II S703, with its uniquely rounded hexagonal rimless silhouette, adorned in yellow gold and platinum, beautifully contrasted by blue lenses.
    Terebellum II S703, showcasing yellow gold and platinum accents and a rounded hexagonal rimless design, perfectly complemented by captivating blue lenses.
    The Terebellum II S703, featuring a distinctive rounded hexagonal rimless shape, yellow gold and platinum details, and stylish blue lenses, embodies the perfect fusion of style and luxury.

Terebellum II S703

Terebellum II S703


The Terebellum II Collection reimagines this iconic design, infusing it with contemporary flair and a touch of avant-garde sensibility.


Titanium frame, yellow gold & platinum coating.
W/ Gradient blue grey lens.
21 x 145 x 48

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