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    Terebellum I S608, a round masterpiece in Titanium with an antique silver coating and captivating blue lenses.
    Terebellum I S608, a round-shaped frame crafted in Titanium, adorned with antique silver coating, and complemented by beautiful blue lenses.
    Terebellum I S608, featuring a round Titanium frame with an antique silver finish and stylish blue lenses.
    Terebellum I S608, a round-shaped Titanium frame in antique silver, paired with striking blue lenses.

Terebellum I S608

Terebellum I S608


Terebellum I, with its frameless allure, caters to the taste of those who appreciate elegance and uniqueness. Crafted for the true connoisseurs of style, these glasses are a symbol of confidence and the art of daring to be different.


Titanium frame, antique silver coating.
W/ BL16 blue lens.
21 x 145 x 48

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