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    Terebellum I S603 adorned in Yellow Gold and Platinum accents, featuring captivating blue lenses."
    Terebellum I S603, where Yellow Gold and Platinum meet striking blue lenses.
    Terebellum I S603 with Yellow Gold and Platinum embellishments, complemented by vibrant blue lenses
     Terebellum I S603, showcasing stunning Yellow Gold and Platinum details and mesmerizing blue lenses.

Terebellum I S603

Terebellum I S603


Step into a world where eyewear becomes a statement of intrigue. With frames made from pure titanium and a daring frameless construction, our latest collection pays homage to the soulful energy of 90s Harlem. Designed for those with an enigmatic charm and a penchant for risk-taking, Terebellum I S603 embodies the allure of the untamed.


Titanium frame, yellow gold & platinum coating.
W/ Gradient blue grey lens.
21 x 145 x 48

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