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    Belel-T S2205 sunglasses featuring vibrant purple lenses and a sleek black insert.
    Stylish Belel-T S2205 eyewear with captivating purple lenses and a bold black insert.
    Experience the allure of Belel-T S2205 sunglasses with mesmerizing purple lenses and a sleek black insert.
    Elevate your look with Belel-T S2205 sunglasses, showcasing striking purple lenses and a sleek black insert.

Belel-T S2205

Belel-T S2205


The Belel collection returns in a new edition. Its sculptural shape is highlighted by the addition of takiron rim inserts in black. The sophisticated effect is enhanced by the purple color of the lenses, for a look that is both iconic and timeless.


Titanium frame, black mat & platinum coating.
W/ Black takiron rim insert.
& Purple lens.
21 x 145 x 48 mm.
25 grams.

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