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    Belel-T S2203 sunglasses featuring brown gradient lenses and a rich chocolate brown insert
    Stylish Belel-T S2203 eyewear with brown gradient lenses and a decadent chocolate brown insert.
    Experience the allure of Belel-T S2203 sunglasses with brown gradient lenses and a luxurious chocolate brown insert.
    Elevate your look with Belel-T S2203 sunglasses, showcasing sophisticated brown gradient lenses and a luscious chocolate brown insert.

Belel-T S2203

Belel-T S2203


Designed for Spring/Summer 2023 the last Belel collection pays tribute to spontaneous men and women. Get into the Sato spirit by wearing heirloom pieces that are halfway between vintage and contemporary.

Each frame is handcrafted in Japan and showcases Japanese expertise in quality and comfort. 


Titanium frame, yellow gold & platinum coating.
W/ Brown chocolate takiron rim insert.
& Gradient brown lens.
21 x 145 x 48 mm.
25 grams.

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