Sato the spotlight campaign
    Sato The spotlight Campaign - edit
    "The Spotlight" Fall 23 sato campaign
    Enir S401 - Fall Sato Campaign
    Paulina and James - Sato Acamar collection
    The spotlight campaign by Sato. James is wearing Toliman S303
    James is wearing Enir S401 for Sato "The Spotlight" photography campaign
    Sato last campaign "The Spotlight"
    Enir S401 collection
    Paulina by Julia & Vincent for sato
    Paulina for Sato
    Paulina & James for Sato last campaign
    Paulina is wearing Acamar S105 by J&V for Sato fall 23
    Paulina for Sato
    Acamar S101

This new campaign launched by Sato, preceding the "Moon Rise" campaign, aims to highlight Sato's DNA, a chic, daring and ultra offbeat spirit.

In these cinematic frames, Sato pays tribute to David Lachapelle and emphasizes controlled extremes. The life of an idol in the spotlight. An enigmatic romance between passion and thrill, dangerous games and frivolous pleasures. A taste for risk, a passion for speed and a search for adrenaline in every single action of everyday life, as if tomorrow does not exist, only the present moment counts.

Each shot is a shocking aesthetic, halfway between vintage and modern. The glasses are put forward in adventures that verge on the dangerous and the irresistible.