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    Timir S505 hexagonal glasses, meticulously crafted from sleek black titanium. These glasses boast captivating blue gradient tinted lenses, offering a bold and contemporary style for both men and women.
    Timir S505 hexagonal glasses. These exquisitely crafted eyewear pieces, made from pure black titanium, feature stunning blue gradient tinted lenses, perfect for both men and women seeking style and sophistication.
    Timir S505 hexagonal glasses. Made from premium black titanium, these glasses showcase striking blue gradient tinted lenses, adding a touch of allure to the eyewear collection for both men and women.
    Timir S505 hexagonal glasses. Crafted from pure black titanium, these eyewear pieces feature trendy blue gradient tinted lenses, making them a perfect choice for fashion-forward men and women looking to make a statement. SATO

Timir S505

Timir S505


Embrace the Sato spirit with Timir S505 : Our latest eyewear collection transcends traditional expectations, as these glasses are not simply for shielding your eyes from the sun. Crafted from black coated titanium, adorned with exquisite silver palladium details. The lenses feature our iconic signature: stunning blue gradient, a true reflection of our brand's distinctiveness.


Titanium frame, black mat & platinum coating.
W/ Deep sea blue lens.
24 x 145 x 47 mm.
23 grams.

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