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    Terebellum III S803: Blue-gray lenses, a touch of yellow gold, and platinum sophistication.
    Terebellum III S803, featuring a blend of blue-gray lenses and luxurious yellow gold & platinum accents. SATO
    SATO rimless collection : Terebellum III S803's blue-gray lenses, complemented by yellow gold and platinum.
    Terebellum III S803 collection: Where blue-gray lenses meet the opulence of yellow gold and platinum.

Terebellum III S803

Terebellum III S803


The Terebellum collection is crafted for those who not only enjoy basking in the sun and savoring life's moments but also possess an inherent desire to infuse each experience with a touch of uniqueness and rebellion, captivating all who encounter them.


Titanium frame, yellow gold & platinum coating.
W/ Gradient blue grey lens.
21 x 145 x 48

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