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    Sato Aliot Midnight Blue Glasses: Elevate your style with these stunning night blue frames and gradient brown lenses.
    Night Blue Elegance: Experience sophistication with Sato Aliot's midnight blue glasses and beautifully graduated brown lenses.
    Aliot by Sato: Unleash your inner fashionista with these striking midnight blue frames and gradient brown lenses.
    A Touch of Luxury: The Sato Aliot Midnight Blue with Gradient Brown Lenses - your gateway to refined eyewear.

Aliot T-1

Aliot T-1


The Aliot eyewear collection, where every pair tells a story of charm and the thrill of precision. These frames are your invitation to a world of sophisticated intrigue, capturing the spirit of a memorable tale that continues to inspire.


Japanese acetate frame.
W/ Tanzanite color.
& Gradient brown lens.

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